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dental braces

Orthodontic Braces

dental braces

Orthodontic Braces
dentist in magarpatta city

If you are currently looking for the best orthodontist Dentist in Magarpatta City to treat your teeth, then the Braces and Smile Orthodontic Clinic is a great place to start. Patients should visit Braces and Smile for our quick, affordable, and pleasant orthodontic treatment. The team at Braces and Smile Orthodontic Clinic is committed to providing you with the best possible treatment. Dentist in Magarpatta City

The Braces dental clinic offers orthodontic treatments for adults and children who want a beautiful smile. If you feel self-conscious about crooked or misaligned teeth, orthodontic treatment is the best way to fix them. If you want to get a great smile and live more confidently, we

A dentist in Magarpatta City can help you. Braces and Smile offer the most advanced orthodontic treatments to get you the stunning and confident smile that you deserve.

What are Orthodontic and Orthodontic treatment?

Our Dentist In Magarpatta City Orthodontics is a special type of dentistry that deals with the correction of bad bites, or problems with the way your teeth fit together. While most dentists have been trained to provide orthodontic treatment, for more complex cases, our specialist orthodontists, a specially trained dentist who does orthodontic treatment only, can provide treatment.
Orthodontics is one of the oldest and most well-known specialties in dentistry. It is the department that deals with braces.
Crowded, crooked, or irregularly placed teeth can lead to low self-confidence and low self-esteem. We offer various treatment modalities which help in correcting not just the mal-aligned teeth but also the bite of the patient. This leads to improvement in aesthetics and also oral health and function.

Here are some reasons-

  • Prevent or improve periodontal problems.

  • Prevent or reduce further bone loss around teeth.

  • Improves the ability of the dentist to restore missing teeth.

  • Improves aesthetics for a better smile and facial appearance.

  • Improves function of teeth.

  • Improves self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Improves oral health.

When is Orthodontic Treatment Necessary?

The need for braces or orthodontic treatment varies from Person to Person. There are many reasons someone needs orthodontic treatment:

  • Bite problems (Malocclusion): Bite issues such as Crossbite, crowding, underbite, and overbite can be fixed through orthodontic treatment. 

  • Spacing: If you have a large space between your teeth. Orthodontic braces can fix these gaps.

  • Trouble while speaking: You might feel difficulties while speaking due to jaw alignment issues, and an overcrowded mouth. Orthodontic Braces treatment will help you to speak easier.

How does Orthodontic Braces Treatment Work?

  • For Orthodontic treatment to begin, your Specialist Dentist In Magarpatta City Orthodontist will Diagnose and plan your customized treatment plan. You will be advised to get full mouth X-rays for treatment planning. 

  • Once the plan and future course are decided, the braces are installed on your teeth, and subsequently once per month tightening will be needed for your braces. 

  • If you have Aligners, the appointment timings and frequency are less. 

  • There are different types of braces that work well to get the desired treatment results.

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