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3D Guided Implant Surgery

guided implant dentistery

What Is 3D Guided Implant Surgery? dentist in magarpatta city



3D Dental Implant Surgery represents a giant step forward in the replacement of teeth with implants. Computer-guided dental implant surgery provides more predictable restorations with a shortened and simplified treatment process. Using computerized tomography (CT) scanning techniques and 3-D imaging, Dr. Gupta can now accurately visualize the placement of your dental implants in three dimensions. This eliminates the guesswork involved in determining what part of the jawbone will be the best site for your dental implant placement. Restore your natural smile today with quick and convenient 3D Guided Implants Surgery.

If you’re tired of dealing with the everyday hassles of tooth loss, ill-fitting dentures, or worn-down dental bridges, you should consider the dental implants solution. A dental implant is a biocompatible titanium tooth root that is surgically implanted into your jawbone to gently and permanently anchor a replacement crown, bridge, or denture. However, most of the implants that we place do not require an incision to be made at all, because we perform guided implant surgery.

This revolutionary procedure affords the exacting and perfected positioning of dental implants, including the placement of permanent teeth, in about an hour.

This state-of-the-art dental technology enables us to work from an intricately detailed look at the interior sections of your facial anatomy, including the bone, surrounding tissues, and nerves. At Aesthetic Dentistry, new computer-generated 3D scanning technology has provided an unprecedented level of comprehensive surgical precision, allowing Dr. Gupta to offer the most accurate dental implant restorations available in the Pune area.

3D Guided Implant Surgery

When we have 3D imaging, dentistry experts can plan your dental implant placement and create what’s called a 3D surgical guide. Essentially, this guide is placed inside of your mouth at the time of your dental implant appointment (particularly if you’re getting All-on-Four or All-on-Six dental implants) to show exactly where each dental implant needs to be installed.

  • From the angle to the exact placement, the 3D guided implant surgery is:

  • Shorter

  • Gentler

  • Less invasive

  • Plus, the recovery time is typically easier to recover from. Even though dental implant treatment is already a gentle and straightforward process, 3D dental implants optimize your comfort and care experience even further.

guided dental implant surgery

If You’re Considering 3D Dental Implants

Incorporating cone beam imaging (aka “cone-beam X-ray”) equipment into our Pune facilities ensures the highest level of care and attentiveness for our patients. Through the advancements in dental design and development technology, 3D imaging takes an already predictable treatment and advances it into a safe, straightforward option for people with missing teeth. 

Even if you’ve been told that you don’t qualify for dental implants, a 3D dental CT scan might change that. When our implant experts are able to assess your oral anatomy from every angle, we can pinpoint safe installation sites for implants whereas a dentist limited to two-dimensional X-rays may be unable to do the same.

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