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Cosmetic Dental Treatments with a Dentist In Magarpatta City Pune.

A beautiful smile is a wonderful asset. Personally & professionally at any age, it radiates health, happiness personality & warmth. Are you happy with your smile? If not, then you are not alone. It’s actually quite normal for your smile to fade over time.  As teeth age, they wear & discolored small chips & cracks accumulate & all fillings become unattracted.

Cosmetics and aesthetics are one of the most significant advancements in dentistry. It's an effective way to correct aesthetic problems & gives you a great natural-looking smile.

Dr. Prakash Gupta Dentist In Magarpatta City, a specialist in prosthetics and dental cosmetology completely understands your aesthetic needs and plan tailored made solutions for every individual.

Today there are many options for enhancing your smile

1. If you have some minor irregularities & staining then tooth reshaping/contouring & whitening is the solution to your problem.

2. Maybe you have all of your teeth, but the tooth has a large chip or crack, tooth bonding might be your answer. It's really amazing how artistic & life-like tooth repair with cosmetic bonding can be these days & results are most often accomplished in just one visit.

3. More dramatic changes may incorporate orthodontics & porcelain veneers as part of the solutions.

For More Detail Visit Dr. Prakash Gupta Dentist In Magarpatta City.


dental veneers

4. Sometimes the brightness of your smile could be shadowed by the black color of your gums. Although the black color of gingiva is due to melanin pigments which are absolutely normal. If you want to get rid of black spots on your gums then gingival depigmentation or gum bleaching is the solution for you.

5. We can also enhance the beauty of your smile with tooth jewelry which can add spark to your million-dollar smile. Tooth jewelry is a non-invasive procedure. Jewel can be bonded to your tooth & add zing to your smile. visit Dr. Prakash Gupta Dentist In Magarpatta City.

Discover What’s Possible: Cosmetic Dentistry Previews

Our state-of-the-art facility provides a Digital Smile Design experience Dr. Prakash Gupta Dentist In Magarpatta City, where you can virtually “try on” cosmetic dentistry treatments like Porcelain Veneers or professional teeth whitening. 

With a few photographs and scans of your smile — and a couple of clicks of a button — your virtual makeover shows you what’s possible. Think of it like a digital makeover or cosmetic smile preview before the treatment starts. 

With your digital smile design, you can compare and contrast different types of aesthetic dental treatment. Take the digital photos with you to get input from your friends or family if you prefer. That way you feel completely confident about your aesthetic dentistry investment.

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